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Easy To Use Gardening Products

Few, if any, foods in life are tastier than fresh veggies. Truth be told, veggies taste even better when grown and handpicked right in your own backyard.

The growing process is often easier said than done, however. In fact, many people that like to garden choose to stop simply because they dread all of the work involved, and more specifically, they hate having to pick stupid weeds that rob your veggies of the water and the nutrients needed to properly grow!

That is the reason we invented and manufactured our organic garden weed control product. Here at Garden of No Weeden, we understand just like you that pulling weeds is the worst part of gardening. Rather than having to spend an inordinate amount of time hurting your back and muscles picking them, simply trust and install our product, plant your veggies, and viola; you will not have to return until it’s time to actually do the picking you want to do – the picking of the fresh veggies!

To learn more about the technology of our product and how it actually works, please click on the video on this page, or of course, you can always contact us at your convenience.


Simply place on each side of plant and pin down until desired length is reached.

Garden Growth Accelerator


To avoid weeds and dirt totally, simply add landscape fabric between GARDEN OF NO WEEDEN shields.


Veggies are clean and flawless when picked.